Planning and creating engaging content while maintaining multiple social media accounts can be resource consuming. Utilize the power of Social Media Marketing to increase your brand reach, connect with more drivers and increase the retention of your current drivers.

Working with KJ Media brings you all the benefits of having a full social media portfolio without the hassle of planning strategy or maintaining your social profiles.

A strong social media presence for any trucking company is a valuable asset. Potential customers and drivers will most likely check the social media profiles before contacting for business or for employment. Companies that show informative, engaging profiles are more likely to receive not just a higher number of inquires but also a higher quality of driver applicants.

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The Results of a Strong Social Media Presence

  • Relationships

    Develop relationships with customers and drivers

  • Website Traffic

    Drive Traffic to your website and recruiting page

  • Trust

    Build trust with drivers and customers

  • Dialog

    Engage in meaningful conversations

  • Brand Recognition

    Build your brand awareness