Why Email Marketing?

Build your driver base with Email Marketing with KJ Media. Through Email Marketing, your company can establish and cement your brand with potential drivers. KJ Media specially curates email lists based on your company’s strategic goals, ensuring an effective email campaign. Thanks to Trucking Gets Social’s database of over 250,000 drivers, KJ Media guarantees exposure to the right kind of driver for your company.

Many leads don’t convert on the 1st or even 3rd contact. A strategic campaign will help to ensure the effectiveness of your email marketing.

If not, you are most likely getting lost in the shuffle, and not found by anyone.

By ensuring your email lists only receive relevant emails, you will increase both your open and conversion rates.
If not, your emails are likely being ignored and not read thoroughly.
Develop relationships
Specially compiled email lists
Increase Brand Recognition
Custom designed emails
Highlight benefits of your company
Benefit from a database of over 250,000 drivers