Social Recruiting and Attracting Millennials

Social Recruiting and Attracting Millennials

As millennials dominate the U.S. labor force, employers must refocus workplace policies to recruit, manage and keep young, tech-savvy workers. A challenge that is even more difficult within the trucking industry. With the driver shortage at an all-time high, being seen as an employer of choice is crucial as the battle for young, skilled, truck drivers heat up.

According to the Kiplinger Letter, by 2025, millennials will account for 40% of the workforce, up from one-third this year and the first time there are more of the 18-34 year olds in the American workforce than any other age group. This group differs from previous generations. They no longer view their work life as a daily task, but as an engaging experience.

Unfortunately, a career as a truck driver is a tainted by multiple negative stigmas and seldom seen as a successfully career. With the technology influence over the millennial generation, what better way to get in front of this generation and change their perception on the industry, showing them the benefits a career as truck driver can bring to them.

1 out of every 5 minutes online is spent on Facebook. That’s why social recruiting has become the most effective and efficient way to hire drivers. Social Recruiting is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. It’s not just about attracting the millennials to your company, it’s also about attracting qualified candidates that meet your company requirements.

Trucking companies, more than ever must use social media for recruiting and communicating with prospects. A strong company presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other sites that outline your company’s benefits and philosophy is critical to attracting qualified drivers. Also, allowing the drivers the ability to apply online is a critical and imperative tool each company should have in place.

Social interaction is paramount and recruiting is an inherently social activity. Success in sourcing and hiring drivers via social media depends on your strategy, the tools you use and the message your company conveys. Social Recruiting is essential to building your driver pool and companies that use these cutting-edge technology do well in attracting candidates who stay connected via social media.

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